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Cha X2

A Tale of Pink Pants

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Name: Yukihiro "Chachamaru" Fujimura
Nickname: The Legendary Guitarist of Kansai
DOB: March 3rd, 1960
Birth Place: Kansai, Japan
Height: About 5'8" (170cm)
Weight: Around 105lbs (48kg)
Role: Guitarist, Bandleader, Techincal producer for GacktJOB
Guitar: Caparison Horus
Cigarette Brand: Camel
Hobbies: Drinking, Smoking, Walking, Reading, Pic Throwing
Side Projects/Other Bands: (Past and Present) Gerard, Vienna, Ded Chaplin, Girl U Need. Released a solo album entitled "Air" in early 2003. Credited with helping X Japan write and record several tracks on Blue Blood.
Biggest Fear: Deathly afraid of heights.
Other Info:
- Fairly enamoured with the color pink.
- Jewelery always consists of: His black JOB beaded bracelet along with a few others that he picks and chooses. A silver ring, and a necklace of somesort. (Usually a small gold or silver chain with a charm on it.)
- Wears glasses to read.
- Is famous for asking Gackt "Did we eat today already?" (Often forgets to eat meals unless reminded)
- Preconcert tradition: Eating fruit

I am not the real you think I am... but I'm still real to me.